Town of Churubusco


Churubusco, “Busco” is a warm and welcoming town located in the northeast corner of Whitley County. Downtown Churubusco is located at U.S. Highway 33 and State Road 205. Recently, the Town of Churubusco received a $400,000 facade grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA), with a $200,000 match, to beautify the downtown community. With the grant and matching funds, the town was able to add new sidewalks, benches, trash receptacles, flower boxes, a beautiful clock at the corner of SR 205 and U.S. Hwy 33, and more.

You may have heard Churubusco called, “Turtle Town USA.” With every nickname, there’s a story. According to the local legend, in 1898 a farmer named Oscar Fulk sighted a giant pre-historic turtle in a small seven-acre lake on his property. The farmer left the turtle where it was, but the turtle became known as “Oscar.” Years later, in 1948 he was spotted again by another local. The turtle was described as large enough to be the size of a boat or a car, and some said it had to have weighed 500 pounds! Oscar was all over the news headlines, and the talk of Oscar caused such a ruckus that some of the locals drained the lake in 1949 to find him–but they found nothing.

The story of Oscar is still told today by locals in Churubusco, and they celebrate every year with the annual Turtle Days Festival which takes place every summer.

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