Workforce Development

The Whitley County EDC works with client companies to engage local, regional, and state workforce development resources.  Regional workforce development agency, Northeast Indiana Works, provides an extensive menu of services to Whitley County employers, including:

Indiana Career Connect

State of the art job matching system allows you to post open jobs and search our extensive database of job seekers to find applicants with the right skills and qualifications. Visit for more information.

Customized Recruitment

Northeast Indiana Works assists companies with their staffing needs regardless of the company’s size. Northeast Indiana Works will customize each recruitment process to meet your individual needs incorporating recruitment, screening, assessment, pre-training, etc.

PROVE IT! Pre-Screening System

Northeast Indiana Works has available the Prove It Pre-Screening System to provide a valid method of pre-screening applicants for your open positions. Visit for more information.

Pre-Employment Training

Northeast Indiana Works will work with you and our training partners to design a short-term training program for eligible individuals prior to employment in the skills required for your work environment.

On the Job Training Scholarships

To assist employers in providing training, Northeast Indiana Works has an on-the-job (OJT) training scholarship program to help offset employers’ expenses for training new hires.

Training Grants

  • The Career Advancement Account (CAA)
  • The Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF)
  • The Tech Fund

Skill Gap Referrals

Employers know the demands of their staffing needs, and can determine whether or not an applicant meets criteria needs, or if they have the potential to meet those needs. Contact your Northeast Indiana Works Employer Services Representative and we will determine if a job applicant meets eligibility criteria for a scholarship or additional training.


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