Small Business & Entrepreneurship Initiative


Local small business owners Victor Lewis and Tad Varga of Three Birds Casual 


The Whitley County EDC partners with Northeast Indiana Works and the Indiana Small Business Development Center to sponsor a services-based business incubation program: Small Business & Entrepreneurship Initiative (SBEI).

SBEI is a service-based business incubation program that provides structured services and programs for pre-startup, startup and growing businesses in Whitley County. This incubation program is focused on equipping small business owners with the tools and skills needed to develop, grow and thrive within Whitley County.

SBEI is a combination of the Kauffman Institute’s FastTrac business success and strategic planning program, and personal business coaching provided by seasoned and experienced business coaches. The program provides the resources and support to help business owners carefully review and evaluate important aspects of business, explore the next stage of growth and opportunity and expand existing business for future profitability and improved business performance.

The SBEI program is sponsored by the Whitley County EDC and is funded by a grant from WorkOne Northeast.

Download the SBEI brochure here.

For more information on SBEI contact the EDC at 260-244-5506 or