Small Business Programming

The Whitley Economic Development Corporation offers client-specific programming for entrepreneurs at any stage of business. We want to help YOU get started with your business and help you maintain a successful business. We work with a progressive mentality because each stage of business is just as important as the next.

The EDC’s Small Business and Entrepreneur Initiative (SBEI) is a service-based business incubation program that provides structured services and programs for pre-startup, startup and growing businesses. The program provides resources to help you analyze and evaluate important business aspects. Whether you’re just starting a business or looking to improve current business performance, we can help you plan accordingly.


SBEI Programs

 GreenLightInitial business concept review and how to move forward with a new business or business concept.

Kauffman FastTrac NewVenture Program – A program designed by the Kauffman Institute to guide participants through the development of a unique and strategic business plan. This program is designed for aspiring or early stage entrepreneurs.

Kauffman FastTrac GrowthVenture Program – A program designed by the Kauffman Institute to guide participants in identifying growth opportunities, growth models, building budgets and more. This program is designed for entrepreneurs with experience running their businesses.

 Revolving Loan Program – Low-interest loan program available to SBEI clients to be used for startup operating capital, technical assistance or working capital. 

Voice of the Customer Programming – Programs designed to receive feedback from businesses to develop growth strategies.

EDC WorkShop Program–The EDC WorkShop program assists with expanding clients’ capabilities to include digital design and manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and/or lightweight and modern metals. Recently the EDC partnered with Purdue University to create a digital manufacturing program specifically for companies in Whitley County. The digital manufacturing program is designed to assess and help established manufacturing businesses adopt new technologies to prepare them for the digital world or “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”





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