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Small Business Owner Spotlight: April Gerard

April Gerard

April Gerard has always been a writer. As an author herself, April understands how challenging it can be for authors to market themselves, which is why she started A.L. Deleon Agency, a marketing and consultation firm specifically dedicated to helping authors and creatives promote themselves and their work.

April spent several years with Whitley County Habitat for Humanity, but always had a passion for writing. After Habitat for Humanity closed, April decided to expand her passion for writing by helping other authors grow their businesses. Through A.L. Deleon Agency, April works one-on-one with authors–published and self published, and implement strategies over the long-term that are effective and measurable in terms of impact.

In addition to A.L. Deleon Agency, April has continued to grow and expand her career as. Most recently April tackled a new venture by launching Author Sensei, a web-based learning environment that helps authors market their businesses. April is a co-owner of Author Sensei with business partner and author, Rivka Kawano.

Author Sensei offers the unique “Authors Marketing Dojo” . The Authors Marketing Dojo program is a series of videos and tutorials that helps authors with content areas to help them grow and become more confident. It also provides specific action items and templates, live phone sessions monthly with April and Rivka, and a supportive and welcoming network of authors.

Right now Authors Marketing Dojo is being offered at a special price of $24.99 per month. After authors have gone through the Authors Marketing Dojo program, if they feel they need further assistance with managing some of the marketing aspects of the business, Author Sensei does offer additional services.

April shared that most authors want to devote the bulk of their time to their passion–writing. Author Sensei allows authors to focus on their writing and spend a realistic amount of time on marketing instead of becoming a marketer first and an author second.

April explained that there’s a lot to being an entrepreneur. “When you start your own business it affects your family’s budget, and there are more possibilities but at the same time there’s more risk, and you have to make sacrifices,” April said.

Regardless of the sacrifices and challenges of being a business owner, April still firmly believes that you should do what you love. “Pursue your passion,” she said, “Have confidence in yourself because it will go a long way.”


Connect with April via email or on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.


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Snapped a selfie with April after the interview!