Greenlight for Small Businesses


Tossing around ideas, solving problems, identifying the unknowns…looking before you leap. It’s how you move forward when starting a new business or business concept. Sometimes we all need a little help going through these steps before we give our idea the go ahead. You have big ideas and we want you to share them with us!

The GreenLight program is part of the EDC Small Business & Entrepreneurship Initiative (SBEI). The program provides aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners the time to evaluate the viability of a business idea in a safe and interactive environment. An SBEI Coach will meet with clients regularly to help move their idea forward. We’re here to help businesses start and grow!



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Photo from local small business Poptique Popcorn.


For more information on the GreenLight program, contact EDC Small Business & Entrepreneurship Initiative Manager, Bruce Stach at or 260-244-5506.